Mason isn’t a big metropolis, but it is filled with residents with wonderfully big hearts. Lucille Howard is a very busy senior and her baking classes revealing the secrets of her Southern yellow cake and other sweet treats are a big hit. In fact, they’re so popular Lucille hires new Mason resident, Iris, to lend a hand…even though Iris is no baker when she starts helping Lucille.

When her new next-door neighbors face a family crisis, Lucille is there to step in and offer support and assistance.

There are a number of interesting and conflicted residents in Mason, each facing his or her personal challenges and changes. How each links with the other and how they handle what life has thrown at them makes for a story that makes the reader want to be a part of the community.

Night of Miracles is a story to savor, with characters who you will be interested to get to know.

4 stars