Don Diamont has been a daytime superstar for many years, even decades. Always a fan favorite, whether they were rooting for or against his character, he has been at the upper echelon of the genre on top-rated soaps.

In this funny and touching memoir, he discusses how his blended family came to be, the challenges they’ve faced and overcome, and the goals they’ve set and attained. He tells the reader about his greatest triumphs, the toughest hurdles, the losses and additions to their family and the underlying strength taught to him and modeled by his parents that has carried him forward and that he is passing on to his sons to use in their lives.

While the road has not always been easy or smooth, it is clear the television star is aware of the rewards of his life provided by his celebrity. It is just as clear how hard he was willing to work to make that a reality—starting as a model, transitioning to acting, then making it to the top of his chosen field…and staying there.

A nice, easy read, it’s like sitting with the author and chatting in a casual and relaxed setting.

4 stars