Young widow Jude Gray did not expect to be singlehandedly running Malvern Farm, the sheep farm she and husband Adam had established together. But she is working (with some hardworking help) to keep their legacy going, despite the obstacles. And now it’s lambing season, which means even longer hours, more work and extra stress. And that’s before she finds the body of Adam’s friend in one of their fields. 

While the police seem to believe the death was suicide, Jude is motivated to find out what really happened…and that leads to more danger. 

This is the first book in a new series, and the author is off to a good start. She has created a community with multi-faceted characters, an intriguing mystery with lots of twists and turns and set it in a lovely country setting that contrasts with the plotting of the villain nicely. The writing style is easy and casual and draws the reader into getting to know Jude, her sister, friends and acquaintances. 

4 stars