Landscape architect Tory Benning seems to have all her dreams coming true with her business doing well, her marriage to her beloved Miles in the perfect setting at an upscale resort with an amazing maze she designed, a great home with her Pom and her cat, and loving family and friends surrounding her.

On their wedding day, when Tory returns from changing for their reception, Miles has disappeared without a trace. She’s sure he’s met with foul play, but the police think he’s had second thoughts. Tory starts hunting for clues and believes Miles died in the maze she designed. Soon there is a second body and the murderer seems to have targeted Tory.

There are plenty of twists and turns as Tory attempts to link these two murders with the earlier death of her father as family secrets are revealed.

The premise of this novel really intrigued me, but the writer’s style was off-putting (please, no more metaphors) and I struggled to finish the book. Part of what tweaked my interest in the story was the inclusion of Tory’s Pom Iris, but the descriptions and personality portrayed were so small-dog stereotypical that Iris didn’t ring true for me (an owner of Poms for decades, as well as a breeder). The many family members and their convoluted relationships often felt contrived, too, especially in the ending as all the interweaving was explained.

Overall, the book had a great hook, but I think would have benefited from an editor who could rein in some of the author’s writing habits.

2 stars