Former interior designer Tara Meehan has relocated from New York City to Galway in Ireland. She’s just days away from the opening of her architectural salvage shop called Renewals when she stumbles across the body of a woman at a property for sale that she’s looking at. If that’s not enough, heiress Veronica O’Farrell shows up with a job for Tara. Veronica is sober for a year and wants to make amends to seven people in her life. She tasks Tara with finding an appropriate gift for each.

Then Veronica turns up dead, stabbed in the heart by the antique brooch Tara had taken a picture of and posted on social media with the hashtag #Killerbrooch. That bumps Tara right to the top of the police’s suspect list and puts Tara on the trail of the real killer.

Author Carlene O’Connor takes you right into the heart of beautiful Ireland with her vivid descriptions of the countryside, the sea, the castles, the feel of the country.

I found the story started slowly, perhaps as a result of the author taking time to build the community and the quite large cast of characters. But when the story gets rolling, it moves right along with lots of action and is well worth the read.

4 stars