Paislee Shaw owns Cashmere Crush, a specialty sweater shop in Nairn, Scotland. She’s working hard as a single Mom to make a living to support her family–son Brody, Gramps and Scottish Terrier Wallace. Unfortunately, landlord Shawn Marcus, who owns the building where Cashmere Crush is located, may not renew her lease and that puts everything at risk. When Shawn disappears and Paislee can’t get any answers, she has to think outside the box to get in touch with him.

Shawn’s family owns Leery Estate and when Brody’s school is scheduled to visit on a field trip, Paislee volunteers as a chaperone. Maybe she can find a way to meet with Shawn or get a family member to give a message to him. All is going well until a gunshot rings out and Paislee witnesses the victim falling through a hedge. It’s Lady Leery’s nephew, Charles Thomson. Paislee is soon sorting through the suspects with DI Mack Zeffer, all while still trying to track down Shawn and get the scoop on what he plans to do with the building she leases.

Author Traci Hall has built a lovely community of interesting characters and created a cozy mystery you’ll enjoy figuring out.

3 stars