In this fifth book in the Nick and Nora mystery series, Nora is hot on the case of a dead PI. His death has been ruled a suicide, but there are some clues that make Nora believe he was the victim of very foul play. A second death adds to that suspicion and puts Nick and Nora on the case to find out who is killing private investigators…and why.

 Nora follows the clues (and Nick’s hints) that lead to a local politician and his campaign funds, but Nora is soon discovering there’s much more in play…maybe even national security is at risk. And that puts Nora in a very vulnerable position, facing forces bigger than a local case.

With Nick’s help and protection, will Nora escape the forces closing in around her and reveal who is behind the murders and more?

Ms. LoTempio has crafted a wonderful cast of characters and written a great mystery that will keep you turning pages as you try to figure out whodunit…and if Nick and Nora will survive the villainous plans to end their investigation.

I’m already looking forward to the next instalment of this wonderful series. 

4 stars