Charlotte and Wrexford, now married, are looking forward to time together as a brand new family with their two wards, Raven and Hawk. But in London it’s a summer of commemorating the victory over Napoleon with the Peace Celebrations attracting heads of state from across Europe.

Wrexford, Raven and Hawk discover a body in the lake in Hyde Park. The victim of foul play was renowned engineer Jeremiah Willis who was designing a weapon that could forever change the face of war. Now Jeremiah is dead and the prototype is missing from the Royal Armory. The government asks Wrexford to assist in the recovery of the weapon and its plans before it’s auctioned off in a super-secret bidding war among  nations.

It’s always a pleasure to join Ms. Penrose’s eclectic collection of Regency characters in her novels featuring Charlotte and Wrexford. Their wards add a real flavor of the streets and “stews” of Regency London to every story, and the rest of the cast including friends, associates and staff really bring the time period to life.

I thoroughly enjoyed book 6 in Ms. Penrose’s Wrexford & Sloan series of historical mysteries. In addition to an intriguing story, you’ll learn more about this fascinating time period and how people lived. The characters are multi-dimensional, the mysteries complex and the writing superb. Grab a cozy corner and curl up with Murder at the Serpentine Bridge.

5 stars