Once again, author Laurien Berenson delivers a Best in Show winner! All your favorite characters are here – Melanie, Sam, Aunt Peg, the Poodles and the boys. Davey and Kevin are becoming their own characters now as they’re growing up a bit, and both participate more in this mystery, which is fun!

When Melanie is asked by a Brody family member to figure out who murdered the Brody family patriarch, she digs in and starts asking questions, never anticipating where that would lead in danger to her own family as she hunts down a killer.

Lots of sleuthing and fun at dog shows makes Murder at the Puppy Fest a most enjoyable read. Just like all the Melanie Travis mysteries, there are enough clues scattered through the story to keep you wondering and guessing. Grab a copy of Laurien Berenson’s newest, put your feet up and enjoy!

Five Stars!