Wrexford and Sloane are back again in this next installment in the Regency historical mystery series. This time, they’re investigating two crimes that seem unrelated…the murder of the head librarian at Oxford’s Merton Library and an arson fire that destroyed a laboratory…but are linked by the race to develop the first ocean-going steamship.

This series draws you into the historical period and you really feel like you understand the time better as the characters solve crimes as they navigate the customs of the period. 

The characters grow and develop in each new book, and you meet more of their extended family and friends circle.  The Weasels, of course, play a prominent part in this newest book, including the newest weasel Peregrine. Aunt Alison gets a much bigger part and doesn’t disappoint. 

Andrea Penrose’s research is impeccable and her mysteries are intriguing, but it’s the characters that keep drawing me back to this series. They’re well-rounded, interesting and it’s fun to enjoy the interactions of their fictional group. 

5 stars