Charlotte Sloane and the Earl of Wrexford are back in action in this newest Regency mystery by the talented Andrea Penrose. When their friend and mathematician Lady Cordelia and her brother, Lord Woodbridge, vanish from London, there are plenty of rumors about their departure. Are they mixed up in fraud and illegal trading? Charlotte and Wrexford do not believe their friends are part of this kind of activity and set out to discover exactly what has been going on, find their friends and end the speculation.

There are nefarious forces at work in this plot that could affect Britain’s economy, tied to arbitrage and trade, and the strands to be unwound to find the truth are many and linked in unusual ways.

It is great to connect again with these two as they slowly dance closer and trust one another more and more, even as they take on fraud, murder and the disappearance of their friends. And of course, you’ll be delighted to be reunited with their terrific supporting cast as well, who help Wrexford and Charlotte as they race to save Lady Cordelia and Lord Woodbridge while preventing a potential economic collapse.

If you want a great read, pour out a big cuppa and curl up with Murder at Queen’s Landing.

4 stars