Charlotte Sloan’s secret identity as satirical cartoonist AJ Quills is still safe, even though the Earl of Wrexford knows her true identity. But that all may change with a bizarre and vicious murder in which Charlotte’s cousin is charged with his twin’s death. Charlotte needs Wrexford’s help as they attempt to unravel what led to the killing and who is really responsible.  Charlotte finds herself having to negotiate the social swirls of Mayfair’s glitterati to follow the clues she discovers. They also must investigage the scientists with whom her cousin interacted in scientific societies and experiments. What secrets are they hiding…and why?

Was her cousin a victim of blind rage, romantic jealousy, gambling debts or something else she and Wrexford must uncover before the murderer strikes again.  And will she have to reveal her alter ego to secure the information she needs to clear her cousin of his twin’s killing and find the true murderer?

Charlotte and Wrexford also find themselves dancing ever closer in their attraction to one another, despite the complications that involves. Will their fascination prove fatal if one or the other is found out by a ruthless killer?

Andrea Penrose has written another intriguing Regency mystery with enough twists and spins, clues and red herrings to keep you turning the pages while you enjoy getting to know these characters a little better. Here’s to more adventures with Charlotte and Wrexford.

4 stars