Wedding dress designer Rayne McGrath was looking forward to her thirtieth birthday. She has a boutique on Rodeo Drive, a career she loves and a fiancé. Little does she expect that fiancé to disappear with her stock and her money, but that’s what happens.

Her Uncle Nevin passes away in Ireland and at the insistence of his lawyer, she journeys to Ireland for the reading of his will. That’s when she discovers she’s inherited a castle…with a few strings attached, like staying in Ireland and having to turn the castle around within a year. If she doesn’t, the local village will be ruined financially. To complicate things, she’s forced to work with her cousin Ciara, who doesn’t want her there, who believes Rayne will fail and who believes her father, Rayne’s Uncle Nevin, was the victim of foul play.

As she battles with her personal issues, Rayne takes on the responsibilities of the castle and the village. The mystery really takes the background to Rayne’s growth, her new budding relationship and the solutions to saving the castle and village. Yes, it’s solved in the end, but it’s really kind of a back burner storyline through the book. It mostly consisted of calling the local garda to see if they’d made any progress in solving the crime until just near the end.

This is the beginning of a new series.

3 stars