Beryl Helliwell is a feisty American adventuress and shy British Edwina Davenport is as proper as they come. They make an unusual team, but are very successful enquiry agents, solving mysteries in England just after World War I. 

They were very surprised when Miss Dupont of Miss Dupont’s Finishing School for Young Ladies contacted them about mysterious goings-on at their alma mater. But they were pleased to return to London to assist as they could. What was causing the strange noises and lights at night on the school property? And who was taking students’ possessions?

As Beryl and Edwina search for answers, they discover a great deal about the staff at the school, including a teacher who is a former classmate, school donors, Miss Dupont herself, current and prospective students and more. And then one of their former classmates–who has given significant funds to the school–is found dead in the grotto. Is it a terrible accident or something more sinister? 

Jessica Ellicott takes you to post-World War I England and its customs and morals. She paints a very realistic picture and creates a dynamic mystery. Beryl and Edwina are multi-layered characters and it’s fun to get to know them better. 

This is a lovely historical cozy mystery with enough suspects and clues to keep you turning the pages quickly. 

4 stars