It’s post-WWII Paris and the city is beginning to recover its energy. Tabitha Knight has recently arrived from Detroit to tutor Americans in French and is staying with her Grandpere and Oncle Rafe. Her neighbor is the inimitable Julia Child and the two strike up a friendship, visiting the farmers’ market, sampling Julia’s Cordon Bleu school treats, cooking together. Tabitha find herself drawn into solving the murder of a young woman who was killed after she left a party given by Julia’s sister Dort. Tabitha left the party with her and was among the last to see the victim.

To add another twist, the murder weapon was a knife from Julia’s kitchen and the victim had a note in Tabitha’s handwriting in her pocket. Tabitha is eager to help solve the crime, but local Inspector Merveille is much less enthusiastic about her involvement.

Ms. Cambridge can be depended on to create an intriguing story with fascinating, fully rounded characters. Even her supporting cast is filled with well-developed players. The time period is meticulously recreated until you feel you’re there with the cast, experiencing Paris’ rejuvenation.

The mystery is well crafted with plenty of clues to follow as you join Tabitha in her efforts to discover what’s going on before she’s the next victim in this period whodunit.

5 stars