There’s plenty of social drama in Takoma Park, a liberal enclave just outside Washington, DC, when a group of people who’ve been friends since college face major life choices and changes. All part of the same community and babysitting co-op, they find themselves dealing with everything from parenting to spousal abuse to post-divorce dating.

Mitch Lovett is divorced and on the dating scene again, but he made a mistake…and it may cost him everything that matters to him.

Dee Wynn has dreams of spending the rest of her life with the man she loves…and that may be a dream that will turn to a nightmare.

Gail Strickland is locked in an abusive marriage…and things are about to explode.

As the lives of these people and the rest of the babysitting co-op collide, tempers flare, relationships complicate and events unfold, leaving some characters forever changed.

For this reader, there was a lot of story time leading to a climax, followed by an ending that resolved so much faster than the build-up that it felt rushed.

3 stars