When Lady Helena Whitcomb begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of her beloved husband, Justin, she discovers far more than she ever expected.

In the late 19th century, when Lady Helena Scott-De Quincy married Sir Justin Whitcomb, it helped her find a centre for her life, devastated by the death of her first love. Justin and Helena live a quiet country life and, while they would love to have children, they are content with their happy life together. But when Sir Justin is found dead in the river, Lady Helena is determined to find out what happened.

She finds an odd ally in the mysterious, handsome French physician Armand Fortier as they begin to unravel the threads that lead them back many years into Lady Helena’s family history. As she rekindles her interest in pursuing her mother’s former work as an herbalist, the mystery widens, encompassing a tenant farm family as well.

What Lady Helena discovers and the secrets she reveals will draw the reader along with her, looking into the next journal, the next painting, the next note to discover secrets, lies and broken hearts.

3 stars