What if the one you loved most was diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness, unless you could afford the treatment? What would you do to get him or her that treatment? Those are the questions that Gary Foster must confront.

Gary and his wife Beth are finally expecting a baby and Gary has opened a business with his younger brother. Then Beth collapses and tests show she has an inoperable brain tumor, with her only hope an experimental treatment in Germany. The fly in the ointment is the cost – $200,000. But someone offers Gary that exact amount to kill someone…with no questions asked. Gary has to face what is possible for him as he weighs his options, makes his decisions and faces the fallout.

Killer Choice keeps the suspense and tension ratcheted up, with secondary characters adding to the pressure as the story unfolds. It takes time to get moving, but when it does, the reader will be drawn into Gary’s reality. How can you make the kind of choice that faces Gary? How does Gary live with what he decides and the consequences? A very engaging debut by Tom Hunt.

4 Stars