Mallory Monroe’s Cookie Shop is in Wingate, Connecticut…one of the top ten shopping destinations in the state. Customers love the treats they find at her delightful shop, but her life is a little bit out of control with arguing employees and a cheating boyfriend. 

Life gets way more out of control when Mallory argues in public with local food blogger Beatrice Wright over ownership of a popular cookie recipe…and then Beatrice turns up dead in her own kitchen, her body outlined in flour and a rolling pin lying beside the body! Mallory is the number one suspect and Cookie Shop sales nose-dive while the police begin their investigation. Mallory steps up to clear her own name, but the killer isn’t sitting idly by. 

Debra Sennefelder has created an intriguing cast of characters and an interesting community. There are plenty of clues to follow as you try to figure out who is baking up murder in such a nice place as Wingate. How the Murder Crumbles starts a new cozy series that is an easy, light read. 

4 stars