So did Clio murder her ex Gary…or not? That’s unfortunately what Clio doesn’t know when she discovers her dead ex on her front doorstep because she has no memory of the night before. She and some friends were celebrating her forty-fifth birthday with a few cocktails. Clio can’t remember, and the beverages consumed did not help with her recent forgetfulness or her hot flashes! 

Gary’s death was definitely not an accident, but there don’t seem to be very many suspects other than Clio…until her friends Amber and Jeanie pitch in to fill in the blanks and prove Clio is innocent of her ex’s murder. 

The author has developed an interesting group of characters, each with her unique perspective and life challenges. But when these women team up with a common goal, there’s just no stopping them. 

Set in an English coastal town, How Not To Murder Your Ex is a fun read that’s the start of a new series that looks to be a treat for readers. 

4 stars