In this twenty-sixth tea shop mystery, Theodosia’s Indigo tea shop is catering a Honey Bee Tea in Charleston’s Petigru Park. It’s a beautiful new space with native grasses and a community beekeeping project. Holly Burns, a local art gallery owner, has asked Theodosia to cater the tea for her upscale event. 

However, the elegant event is unexpectedly interrupted by a fake beekeeper who sprays the attendees with a toxic smoke. Chaos ensues and in the turmoil, Osgood Claxton III, a state legislature candidate, is shot and killed.

Who murdered Claxton? Holly begs Theodosia to help before all the bad publicity destroys her gallery. Was it a rival, a disgruntled artist, an almost ex-wife? Theo’s cop boyfriend Riley and local Charleston Detective Tidwell try to discourage Theo’s efforts, but she’s determined to find the killer before another murder.

Laura Childs has written another terrific Indigo Tea Shop mystery, well worth your time as you try to figure out the mystery along with Theodosia, Drayton and Haley. 

4 stars