Perri (Persephone) Morgan is a leather crafter extraordinaire and her custom halters, dog collars, leads and more are a hot ticket item on the horse and dog show circuit in Fairfax County.

When Perri is at a meeting of the local affluent at her wealthy friend Babette’s house to work on saving the local horse rescue farm, a body is discovered in the master bedroom. And just like that….everyone is a suspect! Since this includes Perri’s friends and even her heart throb DC reporter Wing Pruett, she’s hot on the trail to pick up clues and discover who the murderer is. Then a second body shows up and things get even dicier for the erstwhile amateur detective. As she searches through the dog and horse show rings of Fairfax, will Perri figure out the killer’s identity or will she become victim number 3?

Homicide by Horse Show was an easy read with enough twists and turns to keep you trying to figure out whodunit right along with Perri.

4 stars