When romance author Desiree, a friend of Nora Charles’ mother, turns up asking Nora for help, she can’t exactly refuse her. Seems Desiree’s co-author Marlene is ending their partnership and promising to reveal some deep and dark secrets in an upcoming tell-all. Nora agrees to help, but things go sideways when she visits Marlene and discovers her dead body. Desiree is high on the police suspect list, and Nora finds herself trying to discover who really did in Marlene. The list includes all those whose secrets Marlene was planning to divulge.

With her trusty cat Nick at her side, Nora’s investigation leads them straight into danger. And they’re facing a killer who isn’t hesitant about striking again if necessary.

This is book four in the series and the first one I’ve read, and it stood well on its own. Ms. LoTempio has created a cast of appealing characters, a cozy mystery with enough twists and turns to keep you enjoying the read and a quirky cat to keep things interesting. I look forward to reading more Nick and Nora mysteries from this talented author.

4 stars