Cassie McGlone is on the move in Eileen Watkins’ newest in her Cat Groomer mystery series Gone, Kitty, Gone. Cassie has added a new mobile cat grooming truck to her services offered, and it’s coming in handy since she’s been requested to do a grooming demo at the local cat expo. Her veterinary boyfriend Mark will be presenting seminars on cat health and care at the same forum, and she’s looking forward to their participation. 

In conjunction with the expo, there’ll be a cat show featuring pop star Jaki Natal and her famous Scottish Fold cat, Gordie. The organizers are counting on their appearance bringing in plenty of fans and getting lots of press for the symposium. Just when Jaki and Gordie are making their appearance, the lights go out…Gordie disappears and a security guard is found dead. With the police focused on the human death, it falls to Cassie and friends to help find Gordie. And to add to the pressure, Gordie has a health issue requiring special food.

Will Cassie find Gordie before it’s too late…or will she become the next victim?

Ms. Watkins provides a good share of red herrings and suspects to consider as you attempt to figure out if the crimes are linked, if someone from Jaki’s present or past is involved and if Cassie will win the game of cat-and-mouse with a calculating and dangerous opponent.

5 stars