It’s post-World War II in England, and Eve Forrester’s life is dull and dark. Her marriage is loveless, her mother is cold and she feels she’s missing out on her own best life. Then she receives a letter that she’s a beneficiary in the estate of Guy Lester, a man she’s never heard of. Why has a wealthy stranger put her in his will?

After traveling to the French Riviera, Eva discovers she is one-quarter owner of a villa and sets out to discover why she’s included. Is she somehow related to Guy and his children? His family would like to know as well. Is she the latest in his string of mistresses?

As Eve delves into what is going on, she meets a cast of characters – some flawed and desperate, but others who are kind and supportive. As she inches nearer to the truth, she also gets closer to danger that threatens to turn deadly.

The story began with promise, but eventually I only kept reading to discover what secrets Eve would uncover. While it took much longer than necessary to get there, there was a satisfying answer to the mystery in the end.

3 stars