Former CIA librarian and current Udderly Delicious Ice Cream Shop manager, Riley Rhodes, is enjoying the stellar reputation her shop is earning. As fall arrives, the town of Penniman is preparing for their weekend-long Halloween Happening, but there’s even more to draw tourists to town. Former child star Cooper Collins is producing a romantic comedy in town, even as his socialite mother, Diantha, plans her Halloween theme wedding at the local Inn on the Green that she owns. 

Things are going well until Diantha turns up dead and one of Riley’s friends is the police’s number one suspect. There is no shortage of characters with a motive, though, including Diantha’s two sons and her stepson. Riley is drawn in to help clear her friend’s name, but will the killer strike again, executing the only person who witnessed the murderer at the scene of the crime? Or will Riley connect the dots in time to prevent another death?

Meri Allen gives readers a twisty tale with plenty of clues to follow. And she creates characters you really want to cheer for, plus some nasty villains as well.  

Well worth the reading time. 

4 stars