Chava, daughter of Jewish scholar and tutor Daniel, and Urbi, an Egyptian princess, grow up together in Alexandria. Urbi goes on to become Cleopatra, while Chava’s life takes a completely different turn. Chava is convinced she has heard God tell her she will be with Cleopatra on her happiest day and on the last day of her life, but Chava is soon living very far away from her childhood friend.

Set in the time of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and the Triumvirate, this story pulls you into the wonderful, innocent, loving heart of Chava as she faces the many challenges she encounters, never letting go of her deeply-held faith and values, even when separated from family and friends.

Egypt’s Sister is the perfect read to curl up on the couch with, cup of tea or coffee at hand, and immerse yourself in the culture and times of Alexandria and Rome about 100 BC.

4 Stars