Suzanne Dietz is one of three co-owners of the Cackleberry Club Café and, while bringing dinner to her fiancé Dr. Sam Hazelet at the hospital, encounters a gunman bursting into the emergency department. He shoots two staff members before Suzanne flings the thermos of chili she brought for Sam and hits the gunman, who flees the scene.

Before long, Suzanne is on the trail of the killer, urged on by those asking her to investigate, even as Sam is concerned for her safety and Sheriff Doogie is less than enthusiastic about her help.

In the end, Suzanne and one of her business partners Toni help to break up another criminal enterprise in Kindred before the hospital killer attempts to eliminate Suzanne…right at the Cackleberry Club Café.

In Egg Shooters, Suzanne sometimes appears to make unwise choices that could have dire consequences and seems to solve the case despite those decisions and because someone comes to her rescue. Fans of the series will enjoy this latest offering.

3 stars