It’s holiday time, and travel agent Cyd Redondo is not looking forward to it at all. Her community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn believes she helped land her uncle in a minimum-security prison…and that doesn’t exactly help with family relationships either. So, when the opportunity to go on a cruise in Australia to help locate her missing ex in-laws the Mazonis, she jumps at the chance.

Travel complications mean a dramatic arrival on the cruise ship Tasmanian Dream.

Once aboard, she discovers her friend Harriet, who helped coordinate Cyd’s last-minute booking on the cruise ship and who’d started the local legwork on the Mazonis’ last known location, dead in a pool of blood in their cabin. When the ship’s doctor declares it an accident, Cyd isn’t convinced, just as she isn’t convinced Harriet’s death isn’t linked to her ex in-laws’ disappearance.

Along with a murder and a disappearance, Cyd is roped into trying to prevent the theft of the world’s last known male Tasmanian tiger, all without losing her prized Balenciaga tote bag.

Head out on an Aussie adventure with Cyd and discover a quirky, smart, loving heroine who takes on the bad guys in laugh-out-loud scenarios, never giving up on figuring out the answers she needs.

4 Stars