Does Raney Moore have it all? It sure seems like it. The high-powered attorney is a partner in a prestigious Manhattan firm. Her husband is a famous scientist, and they’ve been together and happily married for years. Add twin daughters and a beautiful home into the mix and it seems Raney is living the dream.

Then she gets a phone call that drops the bottom out of her life and its boundaries. Her reaction is less than nuanced and she doesn’t care if her scorched earth response is the right one or not.

As she searches for answers to how she feels about her life, her marriage, relationships, sex, workplace inequality and a major makeover, she works with a therapist, a flirting client, some paralegals researching off-the-wall topics and a close friend. While she tries to figure out who she is, why she is the way she is and where she goes as she moves forward, her life spirals until the night of a work party when it all comes to a head.

Not your typical heroine, Raney gets caught up in some challenging situations. At times poignant, at times hilarious, the reader will be flipping pages one after the other to follow Raney’s path, sometimes cheering her on and sometimes cringing at her choices, but never bored by the journey.

4 stars