Jilly Truitt has built a solid reputation as a top defense lawyer in Vancouver. No longer does she have to take every case that comes her way, so when fellow lawyer Joseph Quentin, known as a fixer, asks Jilly to defend his wife, who has been charged with murdering her mother, Jilly has a decision to make. With reluctance, she meets with Vera Quentin and decides to take on her case. She’ll be going face-to-face with prosecutor Cy Kenge, with whom she has an unpleasant history. And she knows Kenge isn’t loathe to bend the rules, so it could be a tough trial.

Jilly and her partner get to work and the tension builds as they try to find a viable defense for their client. Are they in denial? Is their client? Is the prosecution?

It took a little while for me to appreciate Jilly’s personality with so many initial references to luxury brands, etc because it just felt pretentious, but when the book became about the characters and the story, I was hooked right through to the last page. 

Author Beverley McLachlin has created a memorable heroine in Jilly and I will watch for new books.

4 stars