When acclaimed young cook Kat Halloway takes a job at Lord Rankin’s Mayfair mansion in Victorian London, she has no idea of the tempest in which she’s landed. From kitchen help below stairs to the family above stairs to the very throne of England, there is plenty of mischief afoot, and it’s up to Kat and the mysterious and multi-talented Daniel McAdam to discover who murdered Kat’s Irish kitchen assistant and what her murder means to a much bigger plot.

Daniel seems comfortable in whatever role he’s called upon to play, whether above or below stairs. His past confounds Kat, but they make a formidable team, along with a cast of quirky characters including Lord Rankin’s unconventional sister-in-law to Daniel’s son to a mathematics genius. All have their parts to play in unraveling the mystery playing out.

If you enjoy an historical mystery, Death Below Stairs will transport you to Victorian London as Kat, Daniel and company solve one murder and prevent more.

5 stars