When Evie Meade’s husband Robert dies suddenly, it appears she is now the owner of a hotel off the coast of Britain on Tregarrick Rock, one of the Isles of Scilly. Wracked with grief, Evie and her sister Margot decide to get away for a weekend and check out this hotel. Since Margot lives and works in LA, she talks Evie into going undercover and posing as a location team scouting a place to film a pirate movie. While reluctant, Evie is overwhelmed with what she’s discovering about Robert, his past and his seemingly vanished finances, so goes along with Margot’s plan, leaving the sorting out of the financial mess to his accountant.

The sisters discover a hotel significantly past its prime in a remote destination, accessible only by boat or sea tractor, with a small group who knew Robert and his first wife in their youth. There are secrets, jealousy, infidelities and more distrust than they ever expected to encounter. And then residents start dying suspiciously. At the mercy of the tides, everyone is stuck on Tregarrick Rock as they try to determine who is the killer and who will be the next victim.

Ms. Dennison has created characters who are multi-faceted and interesting. The deaths are mysterious with enough clues to lead a reader down some blind alleys, so pay attention and see if you can figure out how the past and the present, the characters and their choices link up together in a tale that’ll keep you turning the pages. I will be looking forward to Evie and Margot’s next adventure!

4 stars