Emmeline Lake of London, England, dreams of being a War Correspondent during World War II. When she spots an ad in the London Evening Chronicle, she applies and gets the job. She believes she’s on her way, until she discovers she’s just the latest typist for advice columnist Henrietta Bird, not an easy boss, with many rules and restrictions for her staff. Young and enthusiastic, Emmy figures she’ll stick with it since she now has her toe in the Journalist door.

One of Mrs. Bird’s rules is that no letters requesting advice for anything Unpleasant be answered. They are to be discarded. Of course, those end up being the ones that speak to Emmy, who decides to risk breaking the rules and start answering them as Mrs. Bird.

This story of Emmy and her friend Bunty, along with a cast of supporting characters, takes a peek inside the lives of ordinary people during extraordinary times through the Blitz of London.

The excessive use of Capitalization can be irritating, but it is a reflection of the time and How Things Were Done.

3 stars