It’s 1926 and young American widow Jane Wunderly is aboard a transatlantic liner from Southampton to New York undercover as the wife of her investigative partner Mr. Redvers. They’re searching for a German spy suspected to be on board.

Jane is determined to prove her chops as an investigator and when another passenger, wealthy socialite Vanessa FitzSimmons announces her new husband Miles Van de Meter has disappeared, Jane jumps in to help, despite Redvers’ suspicions Vanessa may just be making up the drama.

Then their assistant onboard is murdered and the cases becomes more complicated as they near New York without identifying the spy or finding Miles. But there are forces waiting to put an end to their investigation if they slip up.

This is great read…it’s the Roaring Twenties aboard a glittering ocean liner filled with interesting characters, great dialogue and a little romance as Jane acknowledges her attraction to Redvers. The third in a series, I’ll be watching for the next Jane Wunderly mystery.

5 stars