A festive read, just in time for the holidays. Christmas Cupcake Murder takes you back in time with Hannah Swensen solving her first missing persons mystery. This is before her mother has remarried…before she even has the antiques storefront…and Hannah is called upon to help an amnesiac John Doe figure out who he is and where he’s from. There are only a few clues for her to follow, but Hannah pulls out all the stops, even at this busy time of the year for the bakeshop, to help find out who he is and reunite him with his loved ones in time for the holidays.

Filled with plenty of recipes and Hannah’s Tips, it’s great to go back in time in Lake Eden with the Swensen gang. And solving a mystery without a murder works perfectly well.

This is a great read for fans of Ms. Fluke’s Hannah Swensen mysteries…or a great introduction for those new to her series.

4 stars