There’s a big fishing tournament being held at the Lake Eden Inn and the owners ask The Cookie Jar owner Hannah Swensen to help out with baking goodies for the fishermen when their regular baker suddenly is unavailable. Hannah and sister Andrea agree to help out, little suspecting they’ll soon be embroiled in solving the murder of a key player in the event.

Caramel Pecan Roll Murder brings many favourite characters to the page along with a murder for them to solve. Ms. Fluke also includes plenty of recipes for the readers’ pleasure.

While it was great to spend some time with Hannah and company, there were a few continuity issues in the book (full disclosure, I did read an advanced copy so those may have been solved in the final edit).

Hannah, of course, drank more coffee than most humans can manage!

The connection between Hannah and sister Andrea doesn’t ring true as a realistic relationship between adult sisters, both accomplished professionals in their chosen fields. Hannah treats Andrea as if she’s barely capable and talks down to her, often explaining things to Andrea as if she is a child. In fact, there was dialogue that felt odd…almost childishly simple, explaining things that are very clear to the other characters and the reader.

But the mystery was well written with plenty of viable suspects and fun to untangle, so that kept things moving right along.

And the ending made up for any deficiencies leading up to that…this reader is keen for the next story in this series to see what unfolds from that cliff-hanger!

4 stars