When K-9 officer Mattie Cobb and her canine partner Robo track down a body on Colorado’s Redstone Ridge they have no idea they are in the cross-hairs of a vicious murderer. As Mattie and her friends and colleagues work a crime scene accessible only by horseback, the murderer is waiting in the wings with knowledge from Mattie’s past that will change her present and future forever…if she survives.

As the clues lead investigators to identify the body, Mattie and her crew make more gruesome discoveries on the ridge that link the current murder to a crime that is decades old.

When the murderer attacks Robo and Mattie, will they both make it out alive or will the past overwhelm her?

Burning Ridge is a gripping read that had me turning pages well past when I’d planned to put the book down. Between wonderful, vivid descriptions of amazing landscapes and well developed characters and a plot just complex enough to keep you guessing and following the clues, the story pulls you right in. Set aside time to read when you pick up Burning Ridge, part of the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series.

5 Stars