Sophie (Phee) Kimball’s mother Harriet is excited when she’s given the chance to host a weekly radio show of her book club’s Booked 4 Murder Mystery Hour on Arizona’s KSCW. The Sun City West star-to-be’s debut is spoiled, though, when she discovers, live on air, the body of the station’s programming director Howard Buell, in a closet—stabbed in the chest by a  pair of sewing shears.

Harriet soon has Phee investigating Howard’s murder, along with the actual investigators at Williams Investigations, where Phee is the bookkeeper and not an detective.

When the murder inquiry centers on one suspect, things take an odd turn because, not only are the fingerprints on the murder weapon not hers, but they belong to a woman who died twenty years earlier…at ninety-seven years of age.

Perhaps because this is the seventh in a series, I found some of the characters hard to connect with. Phee seemed to do a lot of guessing (in fairness, maybe because she’s a bookkeeper and not an investigator). For me, the story seemed to take a lot of time to get to a conclusion.  

3 stars