A chartered bus trip to Chicago for some shopping goes horribly awry when one of the travelers ends up dead. Mystery bookstore owner Samantha Washington is on the trek with her grandmother Nana Jo and a number of her friends–Irma, Dorothy, and Ruby Mae–from Shady Acres Retirement Village in North Harbor, Michigan. An unscheduled stop on the way home ends up with a dead man on board their chartered bus.

The murdered man was a friend of Irma, and to complicate things further, the murderer can only be one of the people on the charter. It’s up to Sam and her friends to figure out who the killer is. But soon another body shows up…this time at Shady Acres.

How is this second murder related to the first one? Was she a witness to something she shouldn’t have seen on board the bus? How is Sam going to figure this out before she’s the next on the killer’s list?

The characters in this novel are interesting and multi-faceted, with enough quirks to make them an entertaining group. From a chartered bus tour to a night of casino fun, there’s plenty to enjoy in Bookmarked for Murder as you try to figure out whodunit.

4 stars