So what happens if your life isn’t everything you project it to be to everyone else? This narrator-based novel is an exploration of deception and betrayal in the search for perfection – the perfect career, the perfect marriage, the perfect family. When Peter Strom plans to take his beautiful wife Mia to their lake house for a romantic weekend, he’s planning for the best day ever.

As they trek out to the country and the lake, tension arises and the suspense quickly escalates as Peter and Mia still try to have the best day ever on their romantic getaway.

This suspense-filled, fast-moving tale will keep you turning the pages, trying to figure out who is doing what to whom. What makes a career, a relationship, a family perfect…or is the narrator’s dream impossible?

Best Day Ever is a great suspense thriller read. Put up your feet, enjoy the read, but keep the lights on!

Five Stars