When the very pregnant owner of Texas agility champion Shetland Sheepdog Remington brings her dog in to see veterinarian Kristen Keller at Lone Star Veterinary Clinic, she explains Remington hasn’t been feeling well and his attitude has changed. She’s hoping they can figure out what’s wrong, but is forced to leave him at the clinic when she unexpectedly goes into labor.

Dedicated DVM Keller sets out to discover what’s wrong with the champion before the upcoming National championship. What she discovers amazes even his owners. While he may look like him, Remington is not Remington…his blood type isn’t even the same. The clinic staff nickname him Fred (after Fred Mertz of I Love Lucy fame) because of his grumpiness. Fred is soon feeling better after the right course of treatment is begun.

Kristen and her colleagues, Mari, Dr. Tyler, Parker and Isabel dig into finding the missing Sheltie in time for the Nationals. As they hunt for Remington, they assist a neighbour with dementia, rescue some dogs in need, shut down a puppy mill and find a home for Remington’s replacement.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree is just a delight to read. The characters are well developed, there’s a cozy mystery and a bit of romance between the two vets. It’s like spending time with old friends who all support one another.

This Christian mystery is the third in a series and it’s a light, sweet read.

5 stars