When former prosecutor Irene Seligman returns to New Mexico to care for her oft-married, still-flirting, seventy-something mother Adelle, she opens a high-end consignment store, stepping away from her former professional world of crimes and prosecutions. Or so she thinks.

When Irene’s friend, talented Native American jewelry artist Juanita Calabaza’s son falls in with the wrong crowd and then goes missing, along with an important piece of historical jewelry, it’s just the beginning of things going wrong. Juanita predicts the death of someone her son has been linked to – and not in a good way – and finds herself arrested for his murder when the man turns up dead.

In an attempt to save her missing son, Juanita escapes from jail, and it’s up to Irene to figure out what’s going on before anyone else ends up dead.

With a cast of interesting characters, the action moves right along in Accessories to Die For. This one will keep you turning the pages to see how all the pieces click together and how Irene, Adelle and friends solve the mystery. From drug dealers to jewelry thieves to flirting seniors, you won’t be bored for a moment!

4 stars