It’s 1940 in England, and everyone is doing their part for the war effort. Evelyne Redfern, known as “The Parisian Orphan” as a child, is no exception and works on the line at a munitions plant. Then she meets Mr. Fletcher, a friend of her father’s, and soon finds herself working in Churchill’s war cabinet rooms at Whitehall in the typing pool. 

There’s a lot of security and secrecy, and when one of Evelyne’s co-workers is murdered, Evelyne begins to ask questions and investigate. Before long, she’s working with David Poole, a cabinet minister’s aide. He’s trying to discover who the mole is who is selling secrets to the enemy. David and Evelyne end up working together as their cases overlap. 

Evelyne is a modern, smart, outspoken character and she’s every bit the match for David, demanding to be an equal partner in their enquiries. The supporting cast is also well developed and multi-faceted. 

Julia Kelly’s research is impeccable and she makes you feel like you’re right there with Evelyne and David in 1940s London during the blitz and doing their best in the war effort. Her style draws you in and keeps you reading and trying to solve the two mysteries along with Evelyne. It’s a engaging read with history, mystery, suspense and a hint of attraction between the two main characters. 

4 stars