It’s Crush Week in wine country and there are plenty of tourists in town to visit the local vineyards and enjoy the festivities around the annual grape pressing. To add to the hectic atmosphere, restaurateur Mimi Rousseau, owner of both Bistro and Maison Rousseau, is hosting a Sweet Treats Festival at her Maison Rousseau location with all kinds of delicacies featured from local chefs and bakers. The festival organizer Renee is the sister of Mimi’s Bistro chef Camille. Renee, however, is upsetting a lot of the participants and townspeople with her controlling way of running the festival.

Then Renee turns up dead in Camille’s home kitchen. There are plenty of suspects to go around, and Mimi is on a campaign to solve the murder of Renee before Camille is arrested.

This is a light read, with a cast of appealing characters, lots of local atmosphere and a nice long list of possible killers to try to sort through and figure out whodunit. Curl up with a cookie and a cup of coffee and enjoy a day in wine country.

4 stars