George and Frances are off on an exciting new adventure in this sixth in the Countess of Harleigh series.

The dowager Viscountess Winstead wants to have her niece Kate presented to Queen Victoria. Frances has the skills to make it happen, but she’s shocked at the viscountess’s sudden frailty when she visits the woman. Still, she’s committed to help Kate and sets out to do so, while also attempting to find out if the usually feisty dowager viscountess is a victim of someone drugging her as Frances suspects. 

And it’s not as simple as it seems because Kate has a few secrets of her own, as do the other members of the family living with the Viscountess Winstead. It takes both George and Frances and their friends to figure out who is the culprit. 

Dianne Freeman has created a lovely historical mystery to enjoy as you try to figure out what secrets everyone is keeping. It’s an easy read, with interesting characters and a good plot. 

4 stars