Mikki Lincoln is a retired school teacher, who is a freelance editor to supplement her income, but will her newest assignment be her last? When she’s hired by Sunny Feldman to edit her history of the once-famous Feldman’s Catskill Resort Hotel, little does Mikki know what Sunny’s memoir is about to dredge up…and the crime that will ensue. The about-to-be-torn-down resort is back in the spotlight, and when Greg Onslow, the businessman developing the site of the doomed resort, is found dead at the demolition site, the hunt for his killer is on.

Unfortunately, Mikki was witnessed having an animated disagreement with Greg shortly before his corpse is discovered, and she’s top on the suspects list of the police. She not only finds herself defending her behavior, but searching for the real killer. But Lenape Hollow seems to have a plethora of potential culprits given Greg’s duplicitous ways, and Mikki encounters plenty of false clues and dead ends as she works to clear her name. But who will the guilty party turn out to be? A friend? A family member? A stranger?

Ms. Dunnett has created a community of interesting characters in Lenape Hollow with a mystery that offers lots of twists and turns for the reader. A Fatal Fiction is the third in the Deadly Edits series.

3 stars