It’s November, 1941 and British pigeoneer Olive Bright is worried about her pigeon enterprise since fewer birds are being used to transport messages during the war. Will the program come to an end? Major Blighty, the new CO at the Baker Street intelligence operation at Brickendonbury Manor where Olive works seems to have little interest in the pigeons’ contribution to the war effort. He’s even assigned Olive to the lesser job of escorting a visiting Royal Navy Intelligence Special Branch operative, Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming…a job she doesn’t enjoy at all.

But a murder at a seance right in front of Olive has her searching for answers to who killed the medium so publicly. And everyone is a suspect, even Fleming, who, for some reason Olive doesn’t understand, attended the séance as well. It will take her best efforts to figure out who committed the murder. Along with this, Olive is juggling her relationship with co-worker Jamie and trying to decide if she wants to train as an undercover operative to be deployed into Europe.

The author creates a great slice of village life during the WWII, the risks taken by so many and the sacrifices shared.

3 stars