When cold case homicide detective Lauren Riley is on the case, she digs into the facts to solve murders no one has been able to solve in years. And she’s good at her job.

Always on the opposite side of a case from defense attorney Frank Violanti, she turns down his overtures to act as a private investigator for him. The case he wants her to work will be a media circus, and Lauren neither wants nor needs that kind of publicity. But Frank convinces her he needs her help to prevent a teen accused of a terrible crime from spending his life in prison. She accedes and starts to dig. But is everything what it seems to be?

Lauren’s past complicates her life, even as the case becomes more challenging. Will she be able to figure out who the real murderer is before time runs out in this courtroom drama?

Author Lissa Marie Redmond is a retired cop who brings authenticity and reality to this gritty crime novel.

3 stars